Firefighters are heroes- they are the ones rushing into the blaze to saves people’s homes, possessions, and lives. They spend long hours on-call, having to be ready at the drop of a hat to respond to emergencies. Because they are often awoken many times in the night, and because not all the firefighters are on call at all times, a new trend has emerged in firehouses: wallbeds. As is their nature, wallbeds allow easy access to sleeping quarters but can quickly be tucked out of the way when duty calls.

Closet Factory recently installed several wallbeds in the Pueblo Fire Station in southern Colorado. With a beautiful natural birch finish, the beds give the hard-working heroes a comfortable place to rest as well as locker space to store their personal items with the hope that the firehouse will be as comfortable as their own homes.

Each wallbed has matching cabinets on either side for the personal belongings of the firefighters.

Each wallbed has matching cabinets and drawers on either side for the personal belongings of the firefighters.

Some units also incorporate desk space for the firefighters to set up their laptops, do paperwork or relax.


Because their shifts are unpredictable in terms of downtime, wallbeds also provide the opportunity to use the room for other purposes. As the above photos show, wallbeds in their upright position do not take up a much floor space as traditional beds, leaving space to exercise or set up an entertainment center.

Here at Closet Factory we truly admire the sacrifices our men and women in uniform make and are honored to try to make them a little more comfortable while they are on duty. Thank you to all those who protect us!


Betsy Wiersma (and dog Oreo) shows off her new laundry room from Closet Factory. Beautiful blue countertops perfectly complement her white cabinets and baskets allow extra storage for swimming things and laundry.

Wallbeds are a great way to transform a simple extra room into a multi-purpose room; a place where guests can be comfortable, but where the homeowner can work or play on a day-to-day basis. Oftentimes, this is an extra bedroom that the client wants to use as a home office or an entertainment room, but because traditional beds consume most of the space, do not have room for other amenities. Other times, a home does not have a spare bedroom and thus a den or study has to perform double duty.

This was the case in the home of Randall and Ann K. of Colorado Springs. The previous owners had created a gentleman’s den, complete with a wooden mantel and plaid carpeting, but Randall and Ann decided that they would be better served with a combination guest room and media room.

The Gentleman's Den before

The Gentleman’s Den before

“Our main purpose was to have a bedroom on the main level of our house so our mothers would not have to climb the stairs when visiting,” said Randal,” and the built-in cabinets also serve as attractive closet space for guests to hang clothes.”

The Closet Factory designer met with the couple to discuss how he envisioned the room as well as the requirements for his mothers’ comforts. Together, they decided on a Sico queen bed, which offers extra support over other models. Features included an extended leg, which places the wallbed at the same height as a standard bed, a slanted headboard for back support, and lights with an easily accessible on/off switch above the bed.

The wallbed instantly converts this stylish den to a stylish bedroom.

The wallbed instantly converts this stylish den to a stylish bedroom.

Aesthetically, Randal and Ann wanted to bring together finishes that were found throughout the house.  In order to blend the teak finish of their other furniture and the dark brown color of their cabinets, the designer used a stained alder for the main structures and edged it with the same alder stained espresso.  To add visual interest, the designer used a textured melamine for the wallbed face, doors, and drawers faces. Randal described the result as “contemporary but cozy” and explained, ” The layout is perfect for the room and makes for the nicest bedroom in the house.  Converting the den to a bedroom now takes a minute. We enjoy using the room for watching movies and games when the bed is not in use.  While the previous owner’s had a stylish den, we think having the dual use for the room is an advantage to us and likely any subsequent owner.”

The mix of textures and colors create a warm but contemporary multi-purpose room.

The mix of textures and colors create a warm but contemporary multi-purpose room.

To get your own custom multi-purpose room, call Closet Factory today at (303) 690-6901 or visit http://www.closetfactory.com!

Catch this great event where Closet Factory President Polly Lestikow and Mandy Pinkston of Major Moms will speak on how to organize when downsizing!

Moving from an older home you’ve been in for years to a new home with a new space configuration takes a bit of organization!  We’re here to help.  Join us for our monthly Viva Verona! gathering to learn how to get organized and use the space most efficiently in your new home.

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At Closet Factory, we see a lot of closets- big, small, square and odd-shaped. Every once in awhile, we also see one with a lot of personality.

When designer Jana Henderson first met her, LaDawn S. had made the decision to turn her current office into a closet, but she needed help figuring out how to best use the space to store and display her gorgeous clothing, accessories and collection of shoes.  Knowing this would be her space, LaDawn wanted it to reflect her bubbly personality. She painted one wall bubblegum pink and lined the two other walls with wallpaper striped in black, white, and the same bubblegum pink color. The doors on the original reach-in closet were removed so that the space would become part of the room. A white chair with fun zebra-print cushions and fuzzy rug completed the look.

To keep the focus on the decor and the wardrobe, Jana built the closet out of white melamine with black crown and base molding to add a little drama and stay with the room’s color scheme. To display LaDawn’s incredible collection of shoes, she dedicated a majority of one wall to slanted shoe shelves with Lucite (clear) toe stops. “Originally, I wanted to have my shoes on the opposite wall, but Jana suggested putting them here so that when people are passing my closet, this is the first thing they’d see.” Says LaDawn. The rest of the wall is dedicated to purse cubbies and hanging for skirts and shorts.

Love the striped wallpaper!

Love the striped wallpaper!

Jana devoted the opposite wall, as well as the reach-in closet, to hanging and shelving for the rest of LaDawn’s wardrobe. To save money, and because it’s a beautiful piece of furniture, Jana suggested moving LaDawn’s current dresser into the room, creating a focal point and providing much-needed drawer space.

Bubblegum pink paint adds a pop of color and personality!

Bubblegum pink paint adds a pop of color and personality!

The final product is a bright, happy space where LaDawn can admire her wardrobe and begin her day on a positive note! So, how did LaDawn feel about her new closet? Check out her testimonial video here!

To start your own transformation, call Closet Factory today at (800) 366-2567!

When purchasing a house, home buyers are confronted with the good, bad and often bizarre decisions that the previous residents have made about the appearance and function of the residence. Whether it’s leaving the original  pink kitchen from the 1950’s or adding on a second story, these choices have to be taken into consideration when investing in a home. So, what happens when a previous owner renovated the master bathroom but in the process completely removed the master closet, just leaving two completely inefficient linen closets that look like this:

Such was the case for Michael and Gaye D., who bought a home constructed in 1961. The previous owner had expanded the master bath into the space previously used for the master closet, but didn’t build any other type of storage. Upon moving in, Michael and Gaye knew that the two tiny linen closets were not going to suffice for their needs. Wire shelving  provided no type of organization and wasted precious inches by being spaced too far apart. As the photos show, stacks of clothing were continuously falling over and the space between the floor and the first shelf was so large that is just asked for clutter to collect.

Wire shelves provide no organization and waste precious space.

Wire shelves offer no organization and waste precious space.

The Doanes called upon Closet Factory to transform the spaces. The solution came in removing the doors and building out both closets as wardrobes; rods and shelves behind doors on the top provided hanging and space for folded clothes while the bottom held banks of drawers for items such as undergarments and pajamas.

To achieve the “it-was-here-all-along” look,  the installers had to cut the panels around a soffit and pull the unit forward to be flush with the frames of the closet. Trim was them put around the opening to make the wardrobes appear built-in. The white color keeps the hallway light and airy, while the raised panel doors give a hint of texture and elegance.

His side has a rod and drawers built into the former shower-side closet.

His side has a rod and drawers built into the former shower-side closet.

The sink-side closet boasts more drawers and shelves behind doors, keeping folded clothes dust-free and organized.

The sink-side closet boasts more drawers and shelves behind doors, keeping folded clothes dust-free and organized.

Overall, the clients were thrilled, writing: “We both are extremely happy with the transformation of the Linen closets to the custom-built Closet Factory wardrobes. The full extension drawers are perfect and the workmanship and quality is superb. Oh, and the Customer Service you provided was exceptionable! This project will surely improve the attractiveness to the buyer down the road.”

We would say that this is one decision that will make a future home buyer happy!

For your challenging projects, call Closet Factory. We will send out one of our highly trained designers to find the perfect storage solution for you and your space! Call (303) 690-6901 for a free consultation!

Much like fashion, one of the most exciting things about a new custom closet (other than getting organized of course!) is picking out accessories. The same way a necklace or the perfect pair of shoes can complete an outfit, the right accessories can bring together the entire design of  closet and give the perfect finishing touches to becoming fully organized. Though there are many options to consider, here is a list of the top 5 accessories the designers at Closet Factory cannot live without:

  1. Valet Rod– this is a retractable rod that is mounted to one of the vertical panels in a closet. It is a small rod that slides out and is great for hanging dry cleaning or an outfit for the next day. When you don’t need it, it slides back in and out-of-the-way. This seems simple but once your clients have it, they won’t know what they ever did without it.
  2. Tie and Belt Racks– Ties and belts tend to be difficult to store; they can easily get tangled or damaged when thrown into a drawer or onto a shelf. Tie and belt racks are a series of hooks that allow clients to hang up their belts and ties, keeping them from getting creased or tangled and allowing for easy viewing of the styles and colors that they have.
  3. Slanted Shoe Shelves- One of the most important organization tips we give clients is to get their shoes up off the floor where they can get dirty and scuffed. While any of the shoe storage solutions are great, slanted shoe shelves really allow your clients to see where each pair of shoes is, even the ones stored high up. Each shelf has a toe stop, which can be made in a matching melamine or in Lucite®, a clear plastic material.
  4. Drawer Dividers– Drawers tend to be the messiest areas of a closet; it’s so easy to toss items in and shut the drawer. Adding dividers is the easiest way to separate out and organize items in drawers, especially small items like socks or underwear. Our favorite are adjustable dividers that can be rearranged to accommodate changing needs.
  5. Jewelry Drawer Dividers– Jewelry tends to be valuable to clients, but without the proper storage, pieces can get lost or damaged. Jewelry drawer dividers allow clients to organize their jewelry and store them safely. These can also be helpful to men by allotting space in the drawer for their wallet, handkerchiefs, cuff links and loose change.

For a free consultation, call (303) 690-6901 or visit http://www.closetfactory.com

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